Pretty Flips

Pretty Flips – Live Pretty’s Latest Creation

Truly a product of why Live Pretty exists.  One of those things that we do, and people ask about.  And, we want to share.

Pretty Flips was developed from one simple request (read story here).  And, because we’re in Florida, Pretty Flips are part of our wardrobe year-round.  We change our bows with the seasons.

Interested in getting a pair of your own?

Pretty Flips are Perfect For:
• Sports Fans
• Teacher Gifts
• Women’s Groups/Clubs – perfect board and/or member gifts
• Cheer, Dance and Gymnastic teams
• Team sports
• Mom’s/Ladies’ Night Out
• Bridesmaids favors, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers gifts
• Princess/Birthday Parties
• You

We have six lines of Pretty Flips:

Adult Flat Pretty Flips


Adult Wedge Pretty Flips


Adult Flat School Spirit Pretty Flips


Kid’s Flat Pretty Flips


Kid’s School Spirit Pretty Flips

And a bunch of bow options …

Whatever the occasion, Live it Pretty with Pretty Flips!