Welcome to Live Pretty!

What does “pretty” mean to you?  Beautiful, good looking, nice, happy, pleasant?

Pretty is not an adjective or descriptor to us — it is a feeling.  The feeling that comes when our life is happily relaxing in a comfy chair while basking in the Florida sun, our worries are out at the curb in the bottom of the trash can, and our joy is happily playing in the backyard. It includes the anticipation in our children’s and grandchildren’s eyes as we create holiday decorations and teach them how to blow a bubble for the first time.  And not to be forgotten, the “do-again” recipe that is part of a “remember when” memory.

It’s a moment of observation and appreciation about all that is right (and sometime not so right) around us. It is a place of happiness and that sense that all is just right. We live. We live pretty.