Work It Mama Ramblings: Can I have it all?

The job, the family, health, friends, sanity ... can a working mom have it all? Well, I'm going to keep trying.

“Why Am I Always Last?” Struggling to Keep the Work/Life Balance.

Powerful enough to stop you. "Why Am I Always Last?" Something you don't want to hear from your child. It's about work/life balance.

Work It Mama: Smart Limits as a Working Mom

My work is never done. But, I will focus on what's important as a working mom - and commit to that balance.

WorkSmart Wednesdays: Summer Break

In the midst of a busy summer. Enjoying the time with family, reflecting. Gearing up for an inspiring fall full of working smart.

Worksmart. Enjoy.

By working, you're afforded the luxury of time. Time to do what you love.

Ideas Worth Spreading:

If you have just one site to visit, make it It's not new. But it supplies a never-ending supply of 'go.'

Five Things I Have Learned as a Working Mom

Working outside of the home has taught me a lot about myself -- but these five things have been the more important lessons I have gained as a working mom.

Oprah’s Best Life – Work Smart Wednesday

Oprah's finale was an hour summarizing her 25 years on the air - not in the way that many expected (focusing on the best television show moments). Rather, summarizing her years of teaching - and ultimately...

Why Not Ask: You’re Already at No.

Why not ask. You're already at 'no.' You've got nothing to lose.

Do Onto Others.

Respect. Put yourself in their shoes - whether at home or work. This is too easy to forget.