Your S.M.A.R.T. 2013

The SMART mnemonic system is nothing new. It's all over the internet. But, helps me filter out the realistic goals from the ha, that will never happen.

Bosses Versus Leaders – Working Smart.

Understanding the difference between leaders vs bosses. Which one are you? Which one(s) do you have?

Worksmart: In Time of Change

If change is happening in your workplace, and it's uncomfortable for you, prepare for growth. Sharpen that saw. That temporary uncomfortable place may not be so bad.

Work Smart: I Never Want To Be As Smart As…

Motivational Quote – I’m always on the listen for the next best quote…. The best quote in my new venture came from a wise leader in our organization.  “I never want to be as smart as just...

Inspiring Moments: Food Blog Forum Orlando

A few weeks ago 100 food bloggers gathered here in Orlando and I wanted to share what I learned in hopes that it will help you also reach for your dreams ... now, tomorrow and always

Work Smart Wednesdays: Your Natural Space

Your natural space is not necessarily a place. It's a moment in time in which you are you. Effortlessly.

Work Smart Wednesday: Reality Bites. Or Does It?

You can control your reality - by the way you look at it. If it's not so great, accept it. And leave it at that. Then, make your reality the change that is about...

Truly Living Pretty. A Mom Honors Her Passion for Party Planning.

You may not know it, but all around you are little reminders. Actions by others that remind you to honor your passions and do what you love. We all have gifts. We all need...

Work Smart Wednesday: Work Affords You the “Things” You Love.

For so long, I was living to work. Not working to Live. It was all I knew. Maybe it was just the point in my career - dedicate 100% day and night. Bitter by...

Work It Mama: When to Say No

No is a powerful word. Our kids know it very well. We need to learn it too, especially as working moms.