Summer Journal: Where to Eat in South Walton

Not only does South Walton offer some of the world's most beautiful beaches, but restaurants galore! Check out some of our recommendations.

Summer Journal: Food Truck Phenom

Totally dig the food truck scene? Well, even in our little Seaside beach town, we had this roadside treat.

Summer Journal: Vacation Home; As nice as home, if not nicer.

One thing I have learned traveling over the years: Don't skimp on the place where you lay your head. Make your vacation home yours.

Summer Journal: South Walton Where to Stay & What to Do

I LOVE visiting South Walton on Florida's panhandle - over the years I have learned a thing or two about where to stay and what to do. Here are my tips.

Summer Journal: Great Eats over the fire.

Our summer travel journal wouldn't be complete without a shout out to the folks who man the main event at the Balaban family reunion - Lamb and Chicken slowly cooked via open flame. Months of planning result not...

Summer Journal: The Amazing South Walton

Ahhhh .... our favorite beach.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Summer Travel Edition

Our recommendations the best summer travel advice the web has to offer. Check out Live Pretty's Summer Travel resources.

Taking it to the Beach

Taking it to the Beach

Just enjoy the view.

Road Trip Check In: A Family Day on the Farm

This past week we got reconnect with one of my father's oldest friends from his childhood who happened to own an amazing and honest-to-goodness working farm and we got to take a family farm tour.

Road Trip Check In: Roller Coaster Ride to the Grocery Store

Big road trip this summer. Here's a little update on our summer adventure.