Breakfast in bed. Happy Mother’s Day

Dedicated to Mom – a start to a great day.  Cinnamon rolls, with coffee. Homemade cards and HGTV.  The entire family cuddled together celebrating Mom. Let’s do this every day.  Here’s to Mom!

Let go of worry: Part 2 – What goes in, must come out.

And now back to the drama that is Princess’s broken arm. So, what was next? Well the highly anticipated removal of the cast and the dreaded, at least dreaded for me, extraction of the pins.

Beyond Barbie and Belle

Barbie, Belle, Cinderella step aside. There is more to life than glass slippers and a crown!

It Took a Village…

It Took a Village…

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. Lately, I'm seeing it takes our children to raise a village.

Spring: Lovely, Lovely Spring

Being a Floridian I have no place to complain about cold winters. But, with the temps making their way back into the 80's, I have to say, no scream ... "THANK GOD SPRING IS HERE!!!!"

Car Magnet Craze: The New Bumper Sticker

I’m sure by now your have seen them. It’s the newest craze since the “My kid’s on the honor roll at...” bumper stickers. It’s the Car Magnet Craze.

Let go of worry.

Accidents happen, especially with active, agile and fearless kids. So last week when I found myself watching my 5-year-old away from me and into emergency surgery, I was surprised to find myself calm and even peaceful at...

The Ever-Changing Valentine

The Ever-Changing Valentine

Memories of Valentine’s Day From first memory, you create cute little cards you place in your classmates’ decorated shoe boxes. Then, the pressure of having a teen Valentine. Once that’s over, you submit your membership to the...

Winter in Florida: Let’s Go OUTSIDE To Play

When the rest of the nation is digging out in February, we are embracing every outdoor activity we can find. Winter in Florida is truly the best time of year.

Time Out: Stress Reduction 101

Every get to the end of your day, crawl into bed and realize that this is the first time you have been still all day? Nap time or quiet time is something that is scheduled into our...