Thank you Steve. We will miss you.

Thank you Steve. Thank you following your dreams and taking the path less traveled. Thank you for making us feel really great to be Americans. God speed and God bless. You may have left our world,...

Blessing our Animal Children on St. Francis Assisi Day

Our pets bless us so much -- it's time to do the same for them.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: It’s Fall!

For this, the first weekend of Fall, I wanted to share some Pretty Awesome links all about Autumn.

Remembering September 11

My heart still weeps for those lost, and anger still rises in my gut when I remember the faces of the murderers on September 11, 2001. But I know that out of every awful act, the goodness,...

Croatian Family Reunion 2011: Keeping Our Family Together

What makes people get in their cars drive for hours or days, or climb on airplanes to travel across the country to come together in one place at one time? Family Reunions.

High School Class Reunion ~ Class of ’66

45 Years – My High School Reunion So, I’m busy making plans to escape the heat of Central Florida for our summer vacation, my annual trip to the mountains of PA.  Then, it arrives, that announcement of...

What I Love About My Thirties: A List

Taking stock of my thirties. It's a pretty good time. And, here's what I love about this time of my life.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Best Web Links of the Week

Best Web Links of the week ranging from the importance of jury duty to enjoying a lemon curd martini.

A Father, His Daughter and Patience: A Tradition

Our dad is a great dad … a really great Dad. Recognizing his loving patience and kindness this Father's Day.

Thursday Night Martini Night

What started as a Thursday night get-together to celebrate friendship (and the invention of the martini), this tradition lives on - even with many miles between us.