“Maybe Christmas … Perhaps … Means a Little Bit More”

Christmas does mean a little more, it means a whole lot more than what the material world around us says it does.

Orlando Strong Flip Flops

Orlando Strong Pretty Flips to Benefit One Orlando

Special edition Pretty Flips benefiting the One Orlando Fund.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Soul. Part 1

Part 1 –¬†Clearing out the Clutter. Spring is here, well at least in the south it is. The oak trees are making a mess of my yard, and the car (and everything else for that matter) is...

Celebrating the True Meaning of Love

My husband, Reddy Kilowatt, and I have been married for 42 years. So, many times the younger generation asks how we stay married for so long?

A How To: Donating Hair to “Wigs for Kids”

What to do when hair gets too long? Katherine donated it to children through Wigs for Kids.

Finding and Supporting Those Local Businesses – East End Market, Orlando

Orlando deserves this place. East End Market - local food hub.

Florida Fall Color

Recently, as I sat on my back porch eating breakfast, I looked around my yard and realized we were truly blessed to be in Central Florida. The colors here were different but beautiful.

From the moment they are born…

A Mother's Day. She knows from the moment they are born, children are raised to spread their wings and fly. Away.

Bake Sale to End Hunger This Saturday

This Saturday we will be setting up with a group of great food bloggers at the Winter Garden Harvest Festival to sell some yummy baked goods and raise money for ending childhood hunger through Share our Strength.

Christmas Musings From a Jewish Childhood

I was the Jewish kid who believed in Santa Claus. Yes, I believed in the jolly old fat man in the red suit who delivered presents to all the good little girls and boys on Christmas...