Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

This year, we are exploring some favorites, as well as seeking new recipes. We wanted to share recipe reminders and provide links to some new recipes that have caught our attention. They might just make...

Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn

Nothing is more simple - a bag of clean, natural and crunchy popcorn in 90 seconds.

Everyday Mango Yogurt Parfait

After learning how to cut a mango last weekend at the Southeast Produce Council convention, I decided to try creating a breakfast parfait combining mango, a great fiber-rich fruit, with yogurt, almonds, cinnamon and honey.

Spicy Pecans

These spicy pecans are always go to for any of our parties - they are great to add to any appetizer spread, put out with cheese and other pre-meal munchies or even thrown in a salad.

Energy Bars Become Energy Cups – For My 3:00 Boost

Those traditional energy bars become Energy Cups. It's my tool for those 3:00 energy drops.

Princess Popcorn

As with a lot of food, I can't leave it alone. So, when the girls asked for a popcorn snack, I took it up a level. It amazed the little ones, made me the hero and...

Easy Elegance

Simplicity – Eat, Pray, Love Inspired.

Looking for an easy, yet gourmet-esque lunch or dinner?  Got it. The most memorable scene for me in Eat, Pray, Love is the ‘anti-pasta’ scene.  The simplicity of the dish caught my attention and the next night...

Momma Gets Hungry Too: Hard Boiled Eggs

Momma Gets Hungry Too: Hard Boiled Eggs

Every morning, and I mean every morning, I cannot get going without eating something. I hear other people get by on coffee, but I wake up starving. I must eat. Now with two little ones and a...