Kid’s Meals

My little Valentine

Valentine’s Day – Party of Four

Enjoying Valentine's Day together as a family. Easy, and fun, to do. The children love being included on this day that celebrates love.

4th of July Flag Cake

Worth sharing, again, for this Fourth of July - Fun, easy way to celebrate deliciously the 4th of July and get the children involved in helping. They will love making this 4th of July Flag Cake...

From Farm to Table

During a time of year where some of country is preparing for harsh weather, we Floridians are fortunate enough to get outside - and pick our food. Strawberries - from farm to table.

Oma’s Easy Applesauce & An Oktoberfest Menu

I have been making this easy homemade applesauce recipe for my family for years. They are so spoiled that they won’t even taste the store-bought kind! Homemade is all they know and love ... and...

Live Pretty Sundays

Sunday Mornings Recipe – Kids in the Kitchen

My time with the girls is scarce. So, I want to make the most of every minute we have together - have fun and learn at the same time. It's our Sunday mornings.

Princess Popcorn

As with a lot of food, I can't leave it alone. So, when the girls asked for a popcorn snack, I took it up a level. It amazed the little ones, made me the hero and...

Kid Friendly Fish Sticks

I want easy and quick. But, what's hard to swallow is not knowing what's in the food I serve my children. I've always wanted them to eat fish and I found a way to do it!