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Halloween Costumes: Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me…

Halloween: The most wonderful time of the year (at least until Christmas rolls around). Conversations about the costumes start early January - yep!

Halloween Costume Advice From a Pro

As featured on AtlantaParent.com, good friend and Disney on Ice Designer Ivan Ingermann gives tips for Halloween costumes.

Building Home

Building Our Future House

Building your dream home. How do you get everything you've ever wanted in one home?

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

An update on my garden. An 'effort' of love.

Give your shower a makeover for $25.

Think you can't re-grout your tired and grungy tile? Well if I did it, you can.

Making Your Grocery List AT the Store.

Making Your Grocery List AT the Store.

Shop for the week ahead – but don’t plan ahead. So, we’ve all heard to 1) never go to a grocery store hungry and 2) go prepared with a list.  I agree with both – to an...

Gettin’ dirty with your kids

Kids are so curious. They love to touch, see, smell and experience anything new and exciting. They love to play and they LOVE to get messy.

To make or to not make the bed, that is the question.

In our house we really do like things neat, but each morning as we rush out the door to school and work, barely getting everyone's teeth brushed and lunches made, the beds generally get left behind, a...

A Good Hair Day

Any woman will tell you that a good hairstylist is hard to find. But what about a doggie hairstylist?

My Neighbor Has EEYORE On Her Sheets!

Floridians love their winters, daytime temperatures in the 70s, nights in the 40s. But that’s why we moved here, right! There’s lots of sunshine, palm trees swaying in the breezes, very little rain. Beautiful,...