Operation 25.5 – The Breakdown

I broke down -- the gears stopped working, the gunk has built up and I have not yet met my 20 lb lost goal.

Allergies: How I Hate Thee

How do you deal with Allergies? They are everywhere I turn.

Cholesterol Journey

Cholesterol Journey

How does this foodie manage a cholesterol problem? Let the journey begin.

Operation 25.5: The Right Kind of Reward

After loosing 15 lbs I am focusing on rewarding myself with different types of indulgences - meaning something I WANT - not something I NEED.

Unperplex your Eczema ~ Theraplex

One thing I know for sure, dealing with childhood Eczema is tough. It is a constant battle, and when the Eczema is coupled with allergies, yikes. It can get messy and be downright painful for our little...

Operation 25.5: Am I Teaching Her the Right Lesson?

Am I sending my munchkin the right message about exercising and being healthy?

Adult Sippy Cup

Drinking 8 cups of water a day is tough ... enter my savior: the Adult Sippy Cup.

Cholesterol: Who Invited You?

Cholesterol: Who Invited You?

How ironic, this foodie is presented with yet another food challenge. Notice I didn't say 'limitation.'

Adjusting to Change With a Broken Arm

Princess broke her arm. Wish I could have a do over on that one, but I can’t. So, for now, we have to change our daily routine to include a bulky cast and a healing bone.

Operation 25.5: Falling Down While Pushing Forward

After four weeks on my quest to loose weight and be healthy, I have realized one thing: Falling down, and falling down often, is part of moving forward.