A Halloween Scare: Peanut Allergies

Halloween Candy Caution РHow to keep your peanut-sensitive child safe from temptation. Unfortunately, the way my child knows the effects of peanuts is by accident.  Because of my allergy to the same, we had her tested...

Eating Smart During Halloween

When looking at my weight loss goals, I am hit with the absolute reality that an extra treat here and there really ads up. Taking this into mind when facing Halloween I am keeping a few...

Angry, Sad & Frustrated … The Allergy Saga

Now in my 30s, the word allergy comes back into play for me. Disrupting my days.

And we’re walking, and walking …

Since starting on my weight loss journey in February, I have found my exercise solace in one main activity - walking. All you have to do is put some shoes on and go.

Broken Arm Act 2: Gotta have a Casttoo!

Our princess's broken arm - and her stylish approach to her cast. Casttoos.

Broken Arm Act 2: Here we go again

As parents we do so much to protect our children. Well, as hard as we try, they are their own person. Never imagining she would break the same arm again, our little princess keeps us...

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Finding Motivation

Finding, and sharing, motivation tips. What's your inspiration?

Operation 25.5 – The Weight Loss Wall

My struggles along the weight loss journey - this time: the mental wall.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Healthy Cooking

Our favorite healthy cooking links.

Eating on the Go for Weight Loss

Weight Loss On The Go So Operation 25.5 is going OK … I have lost about 22 lbs total, but, recently, I lost a bit of my energy again due to allergy issues.¬† I am trying to...