Easter Favorites

Here are our favorite Easter Holiday posts that make our family and friends’ Easter Holiday special.

12 Days of Christmas Cookies – A Look Back

Our Top 12 Christmas Cookie Recipes

My little Valentine

Valentine’s Day – Party of Four

Enjoying Valentine's Day together as a family. Easy, and fun, to do. The children love being included on this day that celebrates love.

Super Bowl Party Decoration

Super Bowl: Your Party Plan

A few super simple Super Bowl Party decoration ideas.

Our Favorite Holiday Treats

Here are the best Live Pretty holiday treat recipes to help make your holiday a bit more merry, bright, and -- best of all -- delicious.

Halloween Chili Feast

As my grandchildren go trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood, they (and their parents) will eventually decide they are hungry. This is when my traditional chili cook-off menu is at it’s best.

Best of Live Pretty Halloween

A look at some of our favorite Halloween tips and recipes that you can snag for your Halloween festivities.

In Honor of National Martini Day …

Of course there's a National Martini Day. Check out a few of our favs, and share yours.

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions worth sharing. Check out these Live Pretty Easter traditions.

Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

This year, we are exploring some favorites, as well as seeking new recipes. We wanted to share recipe reminders and provide links to some new recipes that have caught our attention. They might just make...