Fun With Felt: Part 1

Apparently, felt is very hip these days in a sort of hipster-sustainable-retro way. It's also totally cute. Learn to make some simple felt flowers.

Cheap Trick

Iron a piece of wax paper over fabric for a mess-free way to trace shapes onto the fabric.

Class Valentines: Simple, cheap, and oh so pretty!

Putting together Valentines for your children to share with their classmates can sometimes be a dreaded task. More of a “Mommy Project” than a "Kid Project" at times. This year I have a suggestion. Put your home...

What’s old is new again.

Remember Care Bears? My sisters and I sure do. I imagine we are dating ourselves by admitting that, but we loved them. Care Bears, along with Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Dolls, the Smurfs and various other smelly...

Flower Power

For Christmas, I decided to embellish a headband for Madame Butterfly with a giant flower. She has this tendency to wear her headbands around her forehead like a tiara, so the floppier, the better. You can make...

Crayon Cupcakes

Looking for something fun and engaging to do with your children that doesn’t cost a dime and in the process teaches a great lesson in reusing/recycling old and unwanted items? Well, I stumbled onto this fun craft...

All That Glitters…

Aunt Abbey gives us a step-by-step guide using stencils and glitter to decorate t-shirts.

Fun With Mod Podge

Learn to make coasters: an easy and inexpensive gift!