Bling It Out: Summer Camp T-shirt Fun

Bringing some much-needed bling to plain summer camp t-shirts with a little washable fabric glue, a hand full or sparkley stones and a few minutes of your time.

Dye Your Easter Eggs the Natural Way

Natural egg dyeing how to from the team at Live Pretty. Tested and researched to help you create beautiful eggs just for your home this Easter.

Christmas Countdown Calendar

A super easy and quick Christmas countdown calendar.

How the Easter Bunny Wraps an Easter Basket

Putting together a Pretty Easter basket can be a daunting task for many. Take a breath, gather your basket treasures, pour a nice glass of wine and follow these simple steps for a no-fail Easter, or gift,...

Personalized Wine Charm Party Favors

Party favors Live Pretty style. Check out our personalized wine charms as we celebrate our Bride-to-be.

Rhinestone Pumpkins

For a fun and safe way to decorate pumpkins, put the carving tools away and gather an assortment of rhinestone stickers instead.

A Salute to Summer: Patriotic Pretty Flips

It's summer! Why not celebrate it with a super fun and patriotic pair of Pretty Flips? Solid red bows are always a classic pairing for any summer outfit, or get your stars and stripes on. Happy Summer!

Crazy Kool(-Aid) Eggs

Easy Easter Egg Dyeing using your favorite childhood drink - Kool-Aid.

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions worth sharing. Check out these Live Pretty Easter traditions.

Advent Calendar Ideas

There are so many creative ways to commemorate Advent. Here are some clever, pretty, and fun DIY Advent calendars from around the web.