How the Easter Bunny Wraps an Easter Basket

Wrapping a Easter or Gift Basket 101

Putting together a Pretty Easter basket can be a daunting task for many. Take a breath, gather your basket treasures, pour a nice glass of wine and follow these simple steps for a no-fail Easter, or gift, basket presentation that your little bunnies are sure to love.

LivePretty Idea:
Growing up our mom established a Easter Basket color scheme for each child. As a kid I always knew my basket was pink, Julia’s was yellow and Katherine’s was purple. You may want to “theme” your children’s baskets as well with their favorite colors, patterns, or bows. When the morning rush to tear into those long awaited baskets is on, it is always helpful to give kids a clear signal which basket belongs to them.

Enjoy and Hoppy Easter!

A simple basket with a handle
One 30 inch wide roll of cellophane per basket
Clear tape
1 bag of Easter Basket grass or crinkle paper (I find the crinkle paper MUCH easier to clean up)

Start the process by fluffing up the basket grass, and filling the basket with special treats.

Roll out the cellophane on a flat surface and measure it’s length  before cutting.

The cellophane should be at least 1 foot taller than your basket when bunched up at the handle’s tallest point.

Cut the cellophane.

Fold up the short sides of the cellophane and tape to the handle.

As if you were wrapping a box, now bunch and fold the short sides into triangle shapes and tape to the handle.

Gently bunch the cellophane at the top, being sure that all open gaps are closed.

Hold at the top and secure the bunch with a ribbon.

Add any child specific adornments, ribbons or decorations.



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