A Family Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – for the whole family.

FamilyVdaysettingYes, I know. Valentine’s Day is for lovers. A special day for just the two of you. And, yes, that’s a wonderful idea. But things change temporarily and you adjust. And I can tell you that once we celebrated Valentine’s Day with our little ones, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wrote previously about celebrating Valentine’s Day together (Valentine’s Day – Party of Four) and I still believe it’s the way to go.

In addition to the ideas from the previous article, there’s more interaction – and appreciation of the day now that they’ve gotten older. We did a trial run so that we could share with the LivePretty readers.

So go ahead, save those reservations for another night when the restaurant is less crowded, the menu not dictated and when you feel less stressed about the day. Make the home made cards, pull out that fancy china and silver, tell stories and enjoy the day together.

Check out our “little” one helping set a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner table. I can tell you, our little ones are excited about the day – for a fancy dinner, to share Valentine’s Day cards and to be with mommy and daddy (aka the princess and prince).


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