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Three Bean Bake

What’s better at a BBQ than baked beans? Baked beans topped with pepperoni.

Dill Potato Salad

A simple and slightly tangy potato salad.

In Honor of National Martini Day …

Of course there's a National Martini Day. Check out a few of our favs, and share yours.

From the moment they are born…

A Mother's Day. She knows from the moment they are born, children are raised to spread their wings and fly. Away.

Bake Sale to End Hunger This Saturday

This Saturday we will be setting up with a group of great food bloggers at the Winter Garden Harvest Festival to sell some yummy baked goods and raise money for ending childhood hunger through Share our Strength.

A Rachel Ray Recommend

A Live Pretty take on a Rachel Ray EveryDay recipe.

14 Carrot Gold Cupcakes

These carrot cake cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting will be a welcome addition to your Easter dessert table.

Crazy Kool(-Aid) Eggs

Easy Easter Egg Dyeing using your favorite childhood drink - Kool-Aid.

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions worth sharing. Check out these Live Pretty Easter traditions.

Aunt “Du-Du’s” Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

In honor of National Banana Bread Day - Julia's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.