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The Zest is Best – Lemon Zest Pasta

In honor of the lemon, I share with you one of my top 5 favorites - Lemon Zest Pasta.

The New Farmers’ Market

While produce is most certainly available, today's farmers' markets are a convention of entrepreneurs taking their baby steps to marketing their homemade idea - candles, soaps, gourmet cheeses and unique culinary inventions.

Best Florida Beaches for Families

I have spent the last few summers looking at our state’s beautiful beaches with a new eye—the eye of a parent looking for a great day at the beach. This experience, combined with my over 25 years...

White Texas Sheet Cake

The light buttery cake with a twinge of orange flavor is a perfect end to a family dinner, or an easy treat to bring to a cookout (it is actually best made the day before and tucked...

Moving 101: SOS boxes are oh so good!

Moving and packing tips for the family and a method for making sure you have your essentials until the end: SOS Moving Boxes.

Pregnant Lady Moment: Dealing with All-Day Morning Sickness

This week I am in my 16th week of my second pregnancy, and by all of my daily accounts, it has sucked most days. Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited, but I am sick...

Watermelon Lemonade Spritzer

The perfect summertime cocktail! Summer barbeques just wouldn’t be the same without watermelon and lemonade. For this year’s Fourth of July barbeque, try this refreshingly sweet and sparkling spritzer that is sure to please a crowd.

Fourth of July DIY (and how NOT to kill a mosquito)

This 4th of July, check-out and enjoy these DIY craft ideas collected from around the web.

Using Sunscreen Can Save Your Life

It’s summer, that glorious time of the year when we all head to the beaches, pools, picnics, enjoying so many outdoor activities. The best thing to remember is that sunscreen is very important for your health...

Summer Strawberry Salad

Over the years my family has made this salad for all of our summer gatherings, to take to special picnic events and to share with family and friends who inevitably visit the Florida sun over the summer....