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Fall: A Time for Renewal

This year in particular, I realized the renewed energy that comes with the Fall season.

A Pretty Awesome Live Pretty Summer

As the sun sets on summer 2012, we look back at our favorite posts and recipes from this summer, and summers past.

Leftovers for Breakfast

Fruits and veges play quite nicely together for a healthy (and inexpensive) breakfast smoothie.

Lemons Tips & Lemon Curd Muffins

The ultimate lemon muffin.

Bosses Versus Leaders – Working Smart.

Understanding the difference between leaders vs bosses. Which one are you? Which one(s) do you have?

Simple Lemon Curd

A Simple Lemon Curd recipe - give it 15 minutes in the kitchen, and a few hours in the fridge, and you will have lovely lemony and sweet spread to share with the entire family (or horde...

Lemon Bread

Lemon Bread Recipe. Full of memories.

Chicken Piccata

This recipe brings together three amazingly delicious and simple favorites: 1. Chicken Cutlets. 2. Lemon Caper Sauce 3. Pasta. Together they make for a delicious weeknight supper, or over-the-top dinner party main dish.

Sippin’ Limoncello Cocktail

Quick, simple, Limoncello cocktail.

Lemon Shortbread Cookie Bars

Lemon Bars, by nature, are very sweet. Sometimes too sweet, even for me. So this version is more a shortbread cookie, with a Lemon topping, than a traditional Lemon Bar. They are not quite as sweet, but...