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Gorgeous Gourds

I love love love Fall. It's the beginning of a busy time, with schedules, school and activities back in full swing. It's also a time when I can't wait to purchase that first pumpkin, put up the...

Party Planning in Six Steps

Party planning has been in my blood for years and after planning professional and business events over the years for numerous PR and marketing clients, I have picked up a few methods for planning a party that...

Halloween Quick Tip: Sweet Spider Webs

Creative ways to present your Halloween snacks/treats. The kids will love creating these easy-to-make spider webs. Balance out the sweet sauces with salty pretzel rods.

Easy Homemade “Leftover” Vanilla Ice Cream

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream made without the ice cream maker.

Getting Rid of Junk in Life

Planning for a second child has really sent me down a road of exploration about myself, my life and what I really want for my family. For some reason it has hit me rather literally that,...

Great Grandma’s Griddle Cakes (Pancakes)

The easiest and best pancake recipe out there from our Grandma's kitchen to yours.

Simple Homemade Salad Dressing Three Ways

It is cheaper and more healthy to make homemade salad dressing - by keeping these few ingredients in your fridge and pantry, and an recycled jam or canning jar on hand, you can make fresh, healthy and...

Repainting: Survival Tips

Picking New Paint Colors: A Daunting Task. You see it in your mind. The perfect color for each room. Rooms you've seen in magazines can simply show up in your home, right? Not quite.

Become a Fall Leaf Peeper

Each year about this time, we northerners transplanted into Central Florida long to see the colors of fall. Those brilliant views of mountains filled with colorful trees and the crisp mountain air lure us back year...

Fresh Fig Pizzas with Cilantro and Balsamic Reduction

Figs only are available in the sunshine state for a short period of time each year. And each year I really get my fill - putting together fig salads, fig appetizers and my newest creation, Fresh...