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12 Treats of Christmas: Thumbprint Cookies

A holiday staple on our cookie trays since childhood, these nut-rich, jelly-filled Thumbprint Cookies are simply delightful. Simple ingredients blend to create a melt-in-your mouth explosion of flavor.

A Day of Social Media Silence In Honor of Newtown, CT

New Angels

May our newest angels have glorious wings of protection and a spirit of healing and joy to bring to this world. May they be a part of helping us stamp out evil in every home, town, state...

12 Treats of Christmas: Homemade Dog Treats

Don’t forget your four-legged friends this holiday season! Our dogs love this homemade dog treat recipe. Bailey in particular has been observed lying near the oven and eagerly sniffing the air as they bake.

12 Treats of Christmas: Reindeer Poop

Check out this holiday treat -- looks like reindeer poop rolled in candy cane snow, tastes awesome.

12 Treats of Christmas: Homemade Classic Biscotti

Though easily purchased in stores, Biscotti are so much better when made from scratch. Homemade Biscotti are easy to do and take only minimal time - the perfect anytime or holiday season cookie.

12 Treats of Christmas: Pizzelles

As the third of our 12 Treats of Christmas, Pizzelles, those delectable thin, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth waffle cookies that even my babies in high-chairs love, are one of our all-time favorite Christmas treats. It’s not unusual to...

12 Treats of Christmas: Dark Drinking Chocolate (Hot Chocolate for Adults)

Dark Drinking Chocolate is like liquid dessert in a cup. This recipe is very easy to make and is perfect to share, or store away in your fridge to heat up when you need a special sip...

Live Into The Season

‘Tis the Season to…. A recent sermon by Father Rob Lord of All Saints in Winter Park confirmed for me what I know, but sometimes forget.  While it’s most top of mind during the holiday season, this...

Happy Chanukah 2012/5773

Tonight is the first of the eight nights of Chanukah. For many kids, tonight is the first of eight highly anticipated nights of presents. And while you're celebrating, don't forget the latkes topped with homemade applesauce!