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Food Revolution Day Orlando for the Family

I am proud, and ecstatic, to share what we have planned for Food Revolution Day Orlando on May 19 -- Family Urban Farm Tours and a morning of real food-focused activities!

Work Smart: I Never Want To Be As Smart As…

Motivational Quote – I’m always on the listen for the next best quote…. The best quote in my new venture came from a wise leader in our organization.  “I never want to be as smart as just...

Sweet Cream for Scones

Traditionally "Clotted Cream" or Devonshire Cream, is served with scones. Since most of us have access to neither at our local grocer, this super simple recipe is great substitute and sure to please your scone-loving crowd.

Super Simple Coffee Creamer Cream Scones

We all love scones, but who has whipping cream handy all the time. Simple solution, substitute it with coffee creamer. I took a chance a few weeks back when I was making breakfast treats for a morning...

The Great Kitchen Remodel: In the Beginning

I have a new kitchen, or should I say, my house has a new kitchen, a new and glorious space creating the “heart” of my home. As I sit here looking at all the shine and...

Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn

Nothing is more simple - a bag of clean, natural and crunchy popcorn in 90 seconds.

Family Time – Blueberry Picking

Combining Family Time and Lessons in Food. As you may have gathered by now, the topic of food is a hot one with the Live Pretty Team.  We love to prepare it. We love to share it. ...

Earth Day: My New Mission for Health & Life

Making a Pledge to Be a Better Steward of Health & Planet this Earth Day

Pretty Great Guacamole

What's not to love about avocados? Especially when you can turn them into food like guacamole.

Inspiring Moments: Food Blog Forum Orlando

A few weeks ago 100 food bloggers gathered here in Orlando and I wanted to share what I learned in hopes that it will help you also reach for your dreams ... now, tomorrow and always