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Savory Breakfast Strata

This simple and amazingly delicious breakfast strata is easy to put together and needs to be made in advance, so it is perfect for those mornings that you will not want to be stuck in the kitchen....

Top New Year’s Recipes

As we prepare for an exciting New Year, we wanted to stop and share some of our favorite food and cocktail recipes for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with you.

Christmas Musings From a Jewish Childhood

I was the Jewish kid who believed in Santa Claus. Yes, I believed in the jolly old fat man in the red suit who delivered presents to all the good little girls and boys on Christmas...

12 Treats of Christmas: Mint Chocolate Brownies

These mint chocolate brownies are a great treat to bake with the little ones. They don't even require a stand mixer. All you'll need is a pot, a whisk, and an 8-inch baking pan, in...

12 Treats of Christmas: Cranberry Mojito

Mojitos are certainly a favorite of mine and this cranberry mojito version puts a definite Christmastime spin on a classic cocktail.

12 Treats of Christmas: Orange Creamsicle on 34th Street (Christmas Citrus Martini)

I wanted to make a special drink for Christmas that was part Florida and part nostalgia. I came up with the Orange Creamsicle on 34th Street. It's a little sweet, a bit whimsical, and like...

12 Treats of Christmas: Pecan Candy

This pecan candy recipe was given to me a dear friend and mother. It was her mother's recipe. I treasure it because we mothers have the most influence on the precious Christmas memories we give...

12 Treats of Christmas: Chocolate-Topped Toffee (Stewart Christmas Candy)

This simple Chocolate-Topped Toffee is a Stewart Family traditional recipe made every Christmas season.

12 Treats of Christmas: Eggnog Pancakes with Vanilla Glaze

What could be better than sweet and fluffy pancakes flavored with nutmeg and eggnog for the holidays? Those same pancakes drizzled with a doughnut style vanilla glaze.

Holiday Decor: Things I Just Do

Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas Decorating for the Holidays is one of my favorite things, and coming up with new ways to “Deck the Halls” is always a ┬áthrill for me. Simple ideas are usually the best and...