Election 2012: Go VOTE!

Just VOTE!

Are you ready for November 6, America? Doubtless you are up to your eyeballs in campaign literature, your email inboxes are stuffed to the brim with greetings from well-intentioned candidates, and your airwaves have been overrun by provocative political rants.  This election has even reduced four year old children to tears.  Not even your Facebook feed, which once was home to pleasant images of  babies and vacations, is immune.   Election Day, where are you?

You’ve heard the candidates, your friends, your families, and your local media talk about this election.  Now get out there and vote.  If you’re not sure where to cast your ballot, click here for a listing of voting options by state.  Whether by absentee ballot, early voting, or on November 6 itself, stand up and be counted.

Meanwhile, if you are tired of your Facebook newsfeed being inundated with partisan cat-calling, you can replace it with actual images of cats through Election Day.



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