Halloween Quick Tip: Sweet Spider Webs

Spider Webs on a Plate: Step-By-Step How To

This Halloween season have some fun with your food with these Spider Web Treats.  I used a variety of sauces and icing to create these sweet snacks for the kids.  You can use almost anything – be creative. My children watched as I made these and they loved seeing the creation of the web.  They had such good ideas to embellish the webs — candied bugs, gummy bugs and other bug-related snacks would be fun.  Give it a try at your party.

 Sweet Spider Webs

What you need:

Tools – toothpicks work best.  You can also use the edge of a knife.

Base – A variety of sweet sauces.  I used caramel, marshmallow sauce/topping and lemon pudding as the foundation.

Swirl – You can use almost anything that allows you to pour with a bit of control.  I used cake/cookie decorating tubes and chocolate syrup.

Start with a simple base.

Create a swirl with your color of choice.

With a toothpick, start from the center and pull toward edge of plate.

Dragging the swirl through the sauce base.

Continue with more ‘pulls’ starting from the center each time.

See the spider web come to life.

Your web.


I decided to embellish the spider web plate with a pumpkin made of the same sauces and icings.

Simple, sweet snack. With pretzel rods used to dip and destroy the web – a tasty treat.

Lemon pudding as the base with black tube icing.

Nice addition to the plate of webs…

Sweetest of all – caramel and chocolate web.

Chocolate sauce – to control the pour, I placed in a narrow-tip dispenser.

Caramel sauce with chocolate. Can’t be bad.

Beautiful treat.

A Halloween table of decorative, sweet snacks.

It’s just fun.  Enjoy.  Share pics of your creative Halloween treats on our Live Pretty Facebook page.



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