Fourth of July DIY (and how NOT to kill a mosquito)

Craft Ideas and More for Independence Day

July 4th is a time for fireworks and barbecues.  Here in Florida, it’s also a time for mosquitoes to attempt to eat you alive because, let’s face it, people make for some delicious mosquito food.

When I started thinking about DIY crafts for a July 4th-themed blog post, my thoughts turned to homemade bug repellent.  That’s a craft, right? This idea came to me after an encounter with a mosquito in my home and a fruitless expedition to Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond in search of some kind of natural bug killer (full disclosure: it should come as no surprise that I spent about $150 on various non-bug-repelling sundries as a result of my shopping expedition to Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond).  Even though I purchased a lovely bottle of organic wine and some nice pillows, I was unable to find the bug-killing remedy I so desperately sought.  I didn’t want a chemical product lingering in my home, and I really just wanted something safe and natural.

Then I started researching crafts for July 4th and found a recipe for homemade citronella candles by Amy at Positively Splendid.   I’m tempted to try it.  It’s a win-win: a holiday-appropriate craft project and mosquito repellent!

Meanwhile, if you have any natural tips to destroy the unholy bloodsucker that will not die and will not leave my home, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.  I can’t wait to hear your ideas.  I’ll be here waiting (and itchy).

And if you’re not launching a full-scale combative operation against mosquitoes this 4th of July, you might just enjoy these DIY Independence Day craft ideas collected from around the web.

Hand Painted Flag Shirts (courtesy of The Family Scientista)

Rosette Banner (courtesy of Country Living)

Eagle Handprint (courtesy of Little Fun; Little Learning)

Confetti Launcher (courtesy of Disney Family Fun)

Lawn Stars (courtesy of Sunset)

Happy Birthday, America!


PS: Since I initially drafted this post, the mosquito has either (a) left the apartment permanently; (b) died; (c) been eaten by my dog, which is sort of the same as option (b); or (d) temporarily retreated to raise an army of super mosquitoes.

PPS: With my luck, the answer is (d).

PPPS:  I really, really hate mosquitoes.



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