Summer Safety Tip: Doggy Swimming Lessons

Safety Around the Pool with The Furry Children

My dog fell in the pool last weekend, which, as you may or may not know, marks the official start of summer.  It’s true.  At least once a year, usually during a family gathering, one of our dogs gets too close to the edge of the pool and takes an impromptu swim.  Or a close approximation.

One would think that swimming comes naturally to dogs, but in reality ours tend to sink like stones or paddle desperately in circles.  Maybe it is a cocker spaniel thing.  Whatever the reason, we conduct annual doggy swim clinics with our pups.  These unscheduled lessons usually revolve around us already being in the pool.  We help them swim until they get the hang of it, and then guide them over to the pool steps so they can get out on their own.  We repeat these steps as necessary until each dog can exit the pool on her own.

Our dogs may hate it, but there are always treats and praise after it’s done.  And really long naps for puppies after all that hard work.


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