Memorial Day BBQ Guide

A Guide to Memorial Day BBQ’ing

This weekend of remembrance and thanks provides the opportunity to relax and be with friends and family.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have this luxury and appreciate those who have served.

You know grilling is on the agenda this Memorial Day Weekend.  With that in mind, I wanted to provide a quick resource for those grilling, or trying to figure out what to do.

Google Grilling and you’ll get over 12 million results.  I’ve narrowed it down for ya.  This will make for a pretty awesome weekend.  Whatever you choose, my ultimate grilling tip is be flexible, willing to experiment.  Sauces can be mixed.  Ingredients can be altered. Have fun with it.

Grilled Asparagus

In our Recipe section, click on the Grill category to understand why the Grill is my Zen.


LivePretty’s cocktails always deliver – whether at the grill, or in the kitchen.  Check out our Drinks & Cocktails for this weekends libations.

Links of Interest:

  • Celebrating the Better Burger,  Cooking Channel has left no bun unturned with the 50 Best Burger Recipes – just in time for the weekend.
  • Not to be outdone by its sister, has Grilling Central – with tons of ideas.
  • Think Pinterest would be left out of the grilling game – think again.
  • Coastal Grilling – A favorite magazine of ours, Coastal Living offers their Ultimate Grilling Recipes for your weekend events.
  • King of the Grill Bobby Flay does offer tips for grilling.  Check out these recommendations from Mr. Flay.

I could go on – but this should get you started.  Have ideas, recommendations?  Post them here, or on our Facebook page.  I’m always interested in building the grilling library.

Here’s to awesome weekends.





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