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Food Revolution Day Orlando – Just a Taste ….

Through the dedication of some very wonderful partners, A Local Folkus, Slow Food Orlando and Edible Orlando, we were able to pull together a Food Revolution Day event on May 19 and it was a great success!

Memorial Day Wake Up Call

A non-military family, Memorial Day for us is mostly about the pool, the grill, a day off from work and some delicious family play time. As a newbie to a military community I recently discovered a new...

Grilled Asparagus

Memorial Day BBQ Guide

You know grilling is on the agenda this Memorial Day Weekend. With that in mind, we've put together ideas and resources to complete the grilling aspect of your weekend.

Great Kitchen Remodel 4: Kitchen Considerations 101

After starting the kitchen remodel process, it is time for decisions. It can make one crazy but keep the goal in mind. Having a working floor plan, cabinet placement plan that works for me was...

Oreo Ice Cream Dessert

This no-bake, Oreo ice cream dessert is a long-standing family favorite. So much, in fact, that I used to request it every year on my birthday as a child. This dessert is so easy and...

Worksmart: In Time of Change

If change is happening in your workplace, and it's uncomfortable for you, prepare for growth. Sharpen that saw. That temporary uncomfortable place may not be so bad.

Memorial Day Entertaining Tips

Whether you choose to celebrate Memorial Day with a picnic, spend the time watching the Indy 500, or you are one of the many special volunteers tasked with laying wreaths and flags at the graves of our...

Homemade Spreadable Butter

I really hate paying to much for groceries. I also don't go for processed items, especially if it is something my family is going to eat everyday. So one day, as I was again about to purchase...

Live in the Vineyard: A Weekend of Wine and Music

Live in the Vineyard revitalized my interest in music, and I look forward to making a return visit to the wineries.

The Great Kitchen Remodel Part 3: Crafting a Kitchen

After starting the process and finding a contractor, now it was time to get the kitchen workspace I’ve always wanted. We began a decision process to make that happen. I had to consider my needs...

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