Pretty Flips – Live Pretty-style Flip Flops

Pretty Flips – The Story Behind Our Newest Live Pretty Creation

When my oldest daughter, princess, was just 3 years old I asked her a simple question. “What would you like to get your teacher, it’s her birthday soon..” Her response, “Pretty sparkly flip flops mommy…”

Ok. A simple, specific request sent me out shopping. What I encountered was disappointing and very expensive. I decided to try something a little nutty. I was going to make those “pretty, sparkly flip flops” and Pretty Flips were born. I purchased simple flip flops, sparkly buckles and ribbon. When all was said and done I was able to put not one, but two pairs of pretty sparkly flip flops together for this preschool teacher’s birthday gift. They were very cute, so cute in fact that I made myself a pair. Then I made my sisters each a pair. Mom was next.

A few years had past, and I was still wearing my original pair when a mom stopped me at the park and asked the question that sparked a business, “Where did you get those adorable flip flops?” I asked myself “could I actually make these and offer them up for sale?” That same week at least a dozen more women stopped me to inquire about my shoes. Now I was really listening and I decided to give it a go.

With a full-on education in flip flop production and a solid variety of bow designs, I am officially launching what we lovingly refer to our “pretty sparkly flip flops” as Pretty Flips.

Take a peek. Contact us for pricing and ordering information. Various sizes and bow designs available – individually, or for groups, dance and sports teams and conventions.  Get more ideas here.

Pass it on and let me know what color you want your bows to be. These are so fun, so comfortable and so Live Pretty!

Various sizes available.  Women and Children’s sizes.  100% rubber Brazilian-made flips.

Contact us for pricing and ordering information.


Elizabeth Montgomery James

After living in California for several years, Beth and her husband, Rod, relocated to Florida, to live, work, and play. They have two adorable daughters, and Beth is very involved with her children’s schools as a parent volunteer, Daisy troupe, and other community organizations such as the Junior League. Beth enjoys crafts, yoga and fitness, as well as a nice glass of Chardonnay. Beth is a graphic designer who has worked on national and international ad campaigns for top consumer brands, and now brings her talents to a variety of projects in and around Central Florida. In addition for bringing classic elegance to everything she touches, Beth has a natural talent for making everything pretty, from kids’ birthday parties to her garden.

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2 Responses to “Pretty Flips – Live Pretty-style Flip Flops”

  1. arlene power — March 16, 2012 @ 2:11 pm (#

    I am one of the lucky preschool teachers who received a pair of dazzling Pretty Flips and I truly love them! The compliments are rolling in about how cute they are! Not only are they good looking, they are very comfortable, well made and sturdy. I will be wearing mine this Easter Sunday as I host an Easter brunch for 30 people at my house–so I will be needing the comfort and the looks too!
    Thank you, Thank you!


    • Beth replied: — March 19th, 2012 @ 4:24 pm

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Spread the word.

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