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This Middle Sister Loves Middle Sister Wines

Being a middle child and middle sister, I was immediately drawn to Middle Sister Wine while perusing the wine aisle at the grocery store.

Pretty Flips – Live Pretty-style Flip Flops

A Mom I had never met, someone I didn't know at all, stopped me at the park and asked a question that has sparked a business, "Where did you get those adorable flip flops?"

Everyday Mango Yogurt Parfait

After learning how to cut a mango last weekend at the Southeast Produce Council convention, I decided to try creating a breakfast parfait combining mango, a great fiber-rich fruit, with yogurt, almonds, cinnamon and honey.

Baby Broccolini Stromboli: Broccoli Rabe

Family friends of ours have mastered the art of this dish, the famous "Broccoli Rabe Stromboli', that my mother's dear friend Rita makes, draws crowds from near and far.

Conquer the Mango: Experts Show Us How to Cut a Mango.

I listened to others ahead of me stating the same issue I had: "I love them, but hate to cut them." Well, the Marketing Manager was prepared. I asked for her to show us...

Simple 5 Ingredient Fresh Bread: Delicious Homemade Love

I wanted and needed to know exactly what was in our bread. I grew up with home made, fresh bread, pastries and cookies as every day staples, so I started doing what my momma taught me to...

Weekend Links: Pretty Awesome Smart & Yummy Eating Sites

Here are some of my favorite sources for smart eating to enjoy perusing this weekend -

Help Bob Levinson: Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend

Five years ago today Bob Levinson, the husband of Christine, the father of seven children, and the grandfather of two grandchildren was abducted on Kish Island off the coast of Iran.