Our Favorite Posts of 2011

A Look Back at the First Year of Live Pretty

On December 23, 2010 we debuted this labor of love we call Live Pretty.  And, wow, it was an amazing year.  Your feedback has been great, and we just love sharing our beloved recipes, ideas and stories with you.

So, as we continue to dive into a new year, and plan some pretty awesome new things for you, we thought we’d take some time to look back and share some of our favorite posts of the year with you, as well as some of the most popular.

Please click around and help us celebrate just over a year of Live Pretty.  And make sure to let us know what your favorite posts are in the comments below.

Live Pretty Fav 2011 Posts

What I love about my 30’s: This post was a celebration of my life so far, and my life to come.  Just fun to write and share.

Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes: My first real recipe that I developed and tested from the ground up.  And, I promise, they are great :-).

Why Not Ask:  I love Rod’s Work Smart Wednesdays series, and this one about asking for what you want just speaks to me right now.  Check our out Work Smart section for all of our posts about work life.

Cinnamon Grapefruit Martini: Just an awesome drink and making these just reminds me of so many great family moments (we like them a lot around the Live Pretty Households).

Crazy Cute Cupcakes: This is one of your favorites too, being our most popular post of the year :-).  Beth just creates beautiful things!

Bunny Rolls: You really can make these anytime, but these Easter traditions are one of our top posts of the year, and one of mom’s favorites, because the lovely Heather McPherson at the Orlando Sentinel shared it with her readers and we got so much great feedback on our family Bunny Butts!

Croatian Family Reunion: This past summer our entire family loaded in our family-mobiles and headed up to rural PA for an amazing family reunion with the Croatian side of our family.  It was such a joy, and a memory we are thankful that our mother has shared with us for years.

Bridal Shower Week: In the Spring the Live Pretty team had the opportunity to host a Bridal Shower for our lovely friend Bonnie.  This event spurred a week of great posts we dubbed Bridal Shower Week.  From Personal Wine Charm Favors  and Menu Planning 101, to wonderful Bridesmaid’s Punch and the amazing Fruit Cascade, everything we shared was so very special to us.

Fun with Mod Podge: Aunt Abbey stops by every once in a while, and often shares great crafts with us.  This one was one of her first and introduced us to decoupage — it is another most popular of the year.

Wine Cork Wreath: This is a Beth specialty and I suspect we will being seeing one again soon since the Live Pretty team collected 145 wine corks over the holidays (we had a little but of fun … just a little :-)).

Adult Gummy Bears:  So apparently these are destroying America’s youth.  So, adults, don’t give them to your kids.  Keep these vodka-soaked gummy bears all to yourself.

More Recipes — we had so many, but here are some more of our favorites:

And, then there were the martinis:

Thank you again for visiting us this past year.  Here’s to an even more amazing 2012!

Julia & The Live Pretty Team



Julia Montgomery Stewart

Nicknamed “Julia Child” at a young age, our own Julia is most at home in the kitchen. Lately, she has combined her culinary talents with a new hobby—fitness and healthy living. As a result, her recipes reflect an intriguing balance between eating well without sacrificing flavor. Outside the home, Julia is a consummate event planner, and spent the first ten years of her career as a publicist before expanding her portfolio of talents with the launch of Live Pretty in 2010. Balancing the busy demands of career and family, Julia lives with her husband and daughter in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her work in marketing, she serves a number of community organizations and initiatives in Central Florida.

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