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Girly Things – Daisies Here We Come…

Nurturing our youth - love, compassion and what's right. We are entering the world of the Girl Scouts - starting with Daisy.

A Florida Fall – At Last

A Florida Fall is well worth the wait. A time to get out of the artificial air conditioning and enjoy the outdoors. Well, it's finally here.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Best of Life as a Parent Blogs

As a parent of a super fun and assertive toddler, I find great parenting commiseration in reading some of these wonderful blogs.

Thank you Steve. We will miss you.

Thank you Steve. Thank you following your dreams and taking the path less traveled. Thank you for making us feel really great to be Americans. God speed and God bless. You may have left our world,...

Blessing our Animal Children on St. Francis Assisi Day

Our pets bless us so much -- it's time to do the same for them.

Angry, Sad & Frustrated … The Allergy Saga

Now in my 30s, the word allergy comes back into play for me. Disrupting my days.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Super Nice

For the love of all that is good, make one of these beautiful pumpkin and spice recipes this weekend and come back and comment telling me how amazing they are.

Energy Bars Become Energy Cups – For My 3:00 Boost

Those traditional energy bars become Energy Cups. It's my tool for those 3:00 energy drops.

“Why Am I Always Last?” Struggling to Keep the Work/Life Balance.

Powerful enough to stop you. "Why Am I Always Last?" Something you don't want to hear from your child. It's about work/life balance.

And we’re walking, and walking …

Since starting on my weight loss journey in February, I have found my exercise solace in one main activity - walking. All you have to do is put some shoes on and go.