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Live Pretty Sundays

Sunday Mornings Recipe – Kids in the Kitchen

My time with the girls is scarce. So, I want to make the most of every minute we have together - have fun and learn at the same time. It's our Sunday mornings.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Healthy Cooking

Our favorite healthy cooking links.

Summer Salad: Pork & Spinach with Herby Goodness

An awesome summer salad - nice juicy pork over great greens with some roasted sweet potatoes and corn, topped off with garlicy-herby goodness.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Summer Travel Edition

Our recommendations the best summer travel advice the web has to offer. Check out Live Pretty's Summer Travel resources.

WorkSmart Wednesdays: Summer Break

In the midst of a busy summer. Enjoying the time with family, reflecting. Gearing up for an inspiring fall full of working smart.

High School Class Reunion ~ Class of ’66

45 Years – My High School Reunion So, I’m busy making plans to escape the heat of Central Florida for our summer vacation, my annual trip to the mountains of PA.  Then, it arrives, that announcement of...

Taking it to the Beach

Taking it to the Beach

Just enjoy the view.

Road Trip Check In: A Family Day on the Farm

This past week we got reconnect with one of my father's oldest friends from his childhood who happened to own an amazing and honest-to-goodness working farm and we got to take a family farm tour.

Road Trip Check In: Roller Coaster Ride to the Grocery Store

Big road trip this summer. Here's a little update on our summer adventure.

Road Trip Check In: 997 Miles and Counting

So we made it 997 miles, two kids, one dog and 3 adults, all in one piece. The car bins were essential, the snacks were key, and the in car DVD vital. A few thoughts and things...