Thanksgiving Turkey: Live Pretty Style

Thanksgiving Turkey.  Everyone Does It.  Here’s ours.

You buy a turkey.  Cook it according to directions and you’re fine, right?  Well, follow those directions because what I’m about to tell you will only enhance this bird coming to your table.

It is what it is.  A bird.  Ready for your magic.  Again, cook it according to directions, but following some of these tips….


Again with the herbs.  Have a variety handy.  You will use them throughout your day.  On hand I have a coarse black pepper blend, dried oregano, powdered garlic, coarse salt, dried basil and fresh garlic.


Have two sticks of butter ready.  Room temp, sprinkle with about tsp each of your favorite seasonings. This will become a past and your flavor enhancer.


Mix the butter and seasonings to form a spreadable paste.


Lift the skin of the bird by getting your hands dirty and separating the skin from the meat.  You can be pretty aggressive with it without messing it up.  Again, get dirty and separate the skin so that you can rub the meat with your butter mixture.  Make sure that you cover the meat (mainly breast area) with your butter mixture. When done, simply lay the skin down on top of the breast and you’re set. It seems like such a shame by not lifting the skin because you’re seasoning only the top skin.  By lifting the skin, your butter and seasonings come in direct contact with the meat.

Stuff the cavity with an onion (quartered), fresh garlic at a minimum.  I also put 1/2 an apple and a bay leave in it.  Cover generously with some of the butter paste and top with seasonings.

Cover the wings with foil (they may burn otherwise).


Place turkey in a roasting pan with carrots, celery, rosemary.  Note: the drippings are going to make a wonderful gravy (see post).  Foil the top of the bird and during the last 1/2 hour uncover to let it all crisp up.

In the oven it goes and you’ve got yourself a main event.



Combining his love of food and communications, Rod is a marketing guru with extensive experience in the healthcare, restaurant and luxury services industry. Rod’s special talent is cooking. He makes magic in the kitchen by relying on fresh foods and unique flavors. He is married to Beth, and together they have two little girls. Rod and Beth have the perfect Live Pretty partnership: he cooks fabulous dishes and she creates the beautiful ambiance that combines to make their events special and unforgettable.

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