Candy Corn Gin

A Great Use for Leftover Candy Corn

In my research to create the Black Countess Martini earlier this week, I also came across tons of ideas for various candy-infused liquors.  One in particular was the idea to infuse gin with candy corn. I thought: “I love gin and everyone loves candy corn.  It could work!”

And, you know what?  It did.  Really well.

So here it is, my recipe for making Candy Corn Gin.  All you need are two ingredients – Bombay Sapphire Gin and Candy Corn – and 24 hours. This sweetened gin, on its own, is a great sipping drink served in a shot or cordial glass. Or, if straight gin is a bit much for you, serve it in a lowball glass over ice, topped off with club soda.

Candy Corn Gin

750 ml bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 cup of Candy Corn
Club Soda (optional for cocktail)

1 airtight pitcher or glass serving flask with a plastic top (we purchased ours at the grocery store for about $5)
Fine mesh strainer
A second pitcher or pour bottle (we used a smoothie mixing bottle but if you don’t have one, use a kitchen funnel)


  • Pour the candy corn into your pitcher or flask.
  • Pour the gin over the candy corn. (Save your gin bottle).

  • Put the top on the pitcher/flash. Set aside and let sit for 24 hours, stopping by a few times to swirl it around and help break-up the candy corn. The first few hours are the most interesting to watch – as the candy corn dissolves it looks like ghostly shapes rising up from the depths.

Hour 2

Hour 12

Hour 24

  • After 24 hours, pour the gin through your mesh strainer into the second pitcher.

  • Pour the gin, now bright orange, back into your bottle. Or if you have a kitchen funnel, combine these last two steps – strain the mixture through funnel directly into the gin bottle.

You’ll find that there is about two shots left that won’t fit back into the gin bottle. So, take this opportunity to have your first taste.

Serve cold in a shot glass to sip on, or pour over ice and top it off with Club Soda.


– Katherine (A.K.A. the Live Pretty Master Mixologist)



Katherine Montgomery

Katherine is a professional graphic designer and amateur mixologist. She has infinite patience and pays uncanny attention to the most minute details to make the world around her more beautiful. Whether ensuring that a picture frame is properly hung or making one of her delicious signature cocktails, rest assured that everything becomes just a bit (or a lot) prettier in Katherine’s hands. It is no surprise that she has a knack for planning great events like bridal showers and birthday parties, putting her in good company with the rest of the Live Pretty family. Katherine also has an excellent eye for interior design, a skill she is fine-tuning following the purchase of her first home.

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