A Halloween Scare: Peanut Allergies

Halloween Candy Caution – How to keep your peanut-sensitive child safe from temptation.

Unfortunately, the way my child knows the effects of peanuts is by accident.  Because of my allergy to the same, we had her tested and knew she was ‘lucky’ enough to have the same peanut allergy. However, no matter how much we knew to stay clear of peanuts, a nut accidentally made it her way in a piece of chocolate.  Fortunately, it wasn’t major, and she was fine.  But everyday poses a threat – and we pay very close attention to potential contamination.

Along with playing the peanut-police everyday, imagine my anxiety on Halloween.  While we only visit friends and close neighbors, the trick-or-treating is something we pay close attention to.  Everyone NEEDS to be careful on such a holiday.  But, here are some things we do to ensure our child’s safety:

1. From early on, we’ve taught our little one to put her spin on this Halloween greeting – “Treat or Treat.  I’m allergic to peanuts.”

THAT catches attention and 95% of the time, the resident candy-giver is accommodating.

2. We, the parents are always with them AT the door. We are able to keep an eye on what goes in her bag.  Now, we won’t be rude by asking for a substitute, but by being there at the ‘give’ we know what to look for later.

3. Slow the temptation to graze – as you know during the trick-or-treating process, kids want to sample.  Fine, but again, be there at all times to keep an eye.

4.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ACT: We have taught out little one to ask before any piece of candy goes in her mouth. Have your child do the same.

5. Survey the bounty – when we get home, we have a process to follow.  All the candy goes on the table and gets categorized.  Peanut-based treats go into an entirely separate bowl (mommy still likes it…).  And, by surveying the loot, you’re able to also weed out any questionables and look at the packaging.

6. If any packaging is open, punctured, etc. it goes in the garbage.  Additionally, any home made goodies in little baggies go in the garbage as well.

7.  Questionable items?  My mantra is simple:  “When in doubt, throw it out.”

Enjoy the evening and reduce the scare by practicing the above.  Teach your children well and don’t be afraid to be overly cautious.  I want my children to have the best, fun evening they can.  And, they will.  But, they will also be safe.

Happy Halloween.



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  1. Kristyn — October 29, 2011 @ 4:19 pm (#

    We have the sort and trade at the end of the night. All Reese’s get traded to big brother for safe stuff! And yes, teaching them to ASK Mommy and Daddy first is the best tactic.


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