Halloween Costumes: Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me…

Each year some time around, well, January 1st the discussion begins. It usually starts like this.

“Mommy?” Princess

“Yes..” Me

“What should I be for Halloween?” Princess

“Halloween? Princess we haven’t even put away the Christmas Decorations yet! Halloween is a ways away. You have some time to think about it.” Me

“But, I really want to be a _______ (insert favorite Disney Princess of the moment) for Halloween this year.”

“OK, think about it. We will see when it get’s closer.”

Halloween is, for many children, THE most fun and exciting day of the year. The costumes, the makeup, the candy and sweet treats. What’s a kid not to love. And in our house it has always meant Princess Dress up time. Well, to my delight and surprise, the tide has turned this year. Princess announced her intentions for Halloween sometime in mid August. I want to be a PIRATE! Fabulous, I thought! Finally a challenge. Finally something other than a Princess, though those years were very sweet and adorable.

Our challenge this year is two fold. For school we are tasked with pairing our costume with a book. Great idea, and one that we have really enjoyed. The “Story Book Parade” as they call it, at school takes place every Halloween. Our Elementary school loves a good reason to dress up and have fun, but they also have decided to keep it educational. Fantastic! So in keeping with Princess’s theme, we embarked on a search for a book about “Girl Pirates”. This small category was a bit challenging at first. The local library was not much help, but Amazon.com came to our rescue.

“Pirate Girl”, by by Cornelia Funke was a fabulous new addition to our reading library, as well as “Eloise’s Pirate Adventure” by by Lisa McClatchy. This is a fun new category for us Princess folk. Exploring the world of GIRL Pirates through reading, and getting dressed up has made this Halloween both a swash buckling adventure and an educational experience for us all.

And if you are looking for a great Pirate costume for your little one. Check out this one made, by hand, by a dear friend of ours, who also happens to be a professional costume designer to stage and screen. Check out this FABULOUS option!

Happy Haunting! Arghhhhhhh how sweet it is.


Elizabeth Montgomery James

After living in California for several years, Beth and her husband, Rod, relocated to Florida, to live, work, and play. They have two adorable daughters, and Beth is very involved with her children’s schools as a parent volunteer, Daisy troupe, and other community organizations such as the Junior League. Beth enjoys crafts, yoga and fitness, as well as a nice glass of Chardonnay. Beth is a graphic designer who has worked on national and international ad campaigns for top consumer brands, and now brings her talents to a variety of projects in and around Central Florida. In addition for bringing classic elegance to everything she touches, Beth has a natural talent for making everything pretty, from kids’ birthday parties to her garden.

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