Halloween Costume Advice From a Pro

My good friend, Disney on Ice’s costume designer, shares his insight on cool Halloween costumes and simple solutions.

One of my first memories of Ivan is one morning before 6th grade.  I was outside my home in Central Florida getting ready to walk to school as Ivan came by on his bike dressed for Cinco de Mayo wearing a sombrero and a Mexican blanket screaming something I have yet to figure out.  This was Ivan – and his early display of his dedication to finding any reason to dress the part.  As Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, you can only imagine Halloween is Ivan’s.  From entering costume contests to haunted barns, it’s Ivan’s time of year.

Ivan has been blessed with the vision to follow his passion and his God-given talent.  From Broadway to Hollywood to now sharing his skills as a professor of costume design, Ivan lives his passion.  Beth and I are blessed to have Ivan as part of our lives and we want to share with you his talent – especially this time of year.  Featured in AtlantaParent.com is Ivan and his insight on Halloween costumes – and getting the kids involved.

Get insight to Halloween costumes as you enter the season by reading the attached PDF link as featured on AtlantaParent.com.

You can see more on Ivan featured in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article and at Ivan Ingermann Design.

Enjoy Halloween.



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