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Blogs that share the ups and downs of parenting and life.

In our house we are smack dab in the middle of the terrible twos with our adorable munchkin.  Not only is she standing her ground, forcing many testing moments for mommy and daddy, she has the child glower down – purse lips, head down, eyes up and wide open while shooting her anger right at mommy as if two laser beams were pointing right at me from those beautiful hazel eyes.

Being that we have at least two to three challenging moments a day, I find great comfort in reading some of these wonderful blogs — they are not just “mommy” blogs or “parenting blogs,” but what I like to call “life as a parent blogs.”  Or, the reading that makes me realize that all of us go through the similar things in daily life — as parents and as people.  It is great how the Web allows us to share that with each other and learn, laugh and give a virtual hug when needed.

So here they are, my favorite blogs about life as a parent:

  • Her Bad Mother – Catherine Connors shares such honest, open and thoughtful writing about being a mom, being a working mom and life in general.  I cherish reading her wonderful writing every day.
  • Jenny on The Spot What do I love about Jenny? Her spirit (and, oh yeah, she is walking sparkles at all time). She is a positive place to go and connect with another parent trying to juggle it all.  I especially LOVED this post about song lyrics — I totally relate as I see kids rocking out to Lady Gaga, rap and all kinds of music not made for them.
  • Snarky Mommy – Funny, honest and, yes, a little snarky.  What I love about Amy S. is her ability to share those parenting moments we all deal with in perfect, hilarious detail. I especially love this post about loosing her digital calendar – I really mourned for her.
  • Dooce – Heather Armstrong is awesome and paved the way for so many bloggers.  I love reading each and every post.  And, I SWEAR, her daughter Marlo and my Munchkin are spiritual twins.  Together I think they could rule the world.  Seriously – cunning and cuteness combined in two toddler leaders. I see a presidential run in their future ….
  • The Sporhs are Multiplying – I’ve followed Heather and her family for quite a while now and their posts are just an amazing documentation of a family that has triumphed over great challenges and grows in spirit and love every day.  And her Annabel is also a spiritual twin to my munchkin – I totally relate to this post every day.
  • Momversation – When I was home for 12 weeks with my little one two years ago, Momversation was a daily respite for me where I could go to learn that I was not the only mom out there going through the same issues or thinking about the same things.  This is the perfect site for you if you are trying to find bloggers to connect with  (also if you are not  a big blog reader and have a few minutes to watch some great women share their innermost thoughts).

Enjoy these sites and, as always, have a pretty awesome one!




Julia Montgomery Stewart

Nicknamed “Julia Child” at a young age, our own Julia is most at home in the kitchen. Lately, she has combined her culinary talents with a new hobby—fitness and healthy living. As a result, her recipes reflect an intriguing balance between eating well without sacrificing flavor. Outside the home, Julia is a consummate event planner, and spent the first ten years of her career as a publicist before expanding her portfolio of talents with the launch of Live Pretty in 2010. Balancing the busy demands of career and family, Julia lives with her husband and daughter in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her work in marketing, she serves a number of community organizations and initiatives in Central Florida.

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