“Why Am I Always Last?” Struggling to Keep the Work/Life Balance.

“Why Am I Always Last?”  A Very Powerful Work/Life Balance Question from a Child.

I’m not too sure this Wednesday was a WorkSmart Wednesday.  It was a tough one.  Various stories from co-workers found strong similarities related to the struggle of finding – and keeping – that work/life balance. As of today, I give myself a failing grade.

A co-worker was faced with the question “Why am I always last?” as she picked up her child from after school care.  My co-worker found herself rushing out of the office at a very reasonable end-of-day time to retrieve her child, but the unfortunate thing is that it was about 2-3 hours earlier than a typical day.  And, that’s only to get home to put the child to bed only to return to the computer to finish up the day.

The question hit home – “Why am I always last?” While the child was referring to being the last to be picked up, I also see it related to the choices we make as it relates to balance.  It seems that our loved ones are indeed ‘last’ as we spend most of our days at work. The ironic thing is that we are putting them first – hence working so hard FOR them. But, our children are too young to know that.

My little one asked if she could come to work with me.  I was honored that she wanted to see what I did.  However, further into the conversation, I learned that she only wanted to come to work with me because this is where I spend most of my time.  Her thought was spot on – work is where you are most of the time and I want to spend time with you.

When I am with the family, I realize I’m not always present.  The imbalance takes place when I’m physically at home, but mentally trying to wrap up the day – or prepare for the next.

I have no answers. I have no plans, just a realization of the fact that there is simply no balance. And, as my children grow, so does my awareness that it must change.  In my heart, I know I’m working hard for my family, I just need to find that work/life balance.

Thoughts/Suggestions? Absolutely welcomed!



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