Pretty Awesome Weekends: Preserving Summer Food

Keeping the Taste of Summer Alive All Year Long

I have always wanted to try canning and preserving — partially because there is a homemaker inside me screaming to get out, and partially because I just miss summer so much when it is gone.  I used to love the cool air and warm colors of fall, but summer has become my favorite season and if I can not preserve its feeling of summer all year long, I would love to at least preserve its flavors. But, alas, my stove is now broken and I am limited in my cooking for another week. So, no preserving for me this year. But that does not mean you can not attack preserving summer food yourself.

So this week in Pretty Awesome Weekends I wanted to highlight some of the great preserving and picking recipes I have been seeing come across my e-mails and RSS feeds these past few weeks.  Enjoy and please try some of them before the peaches, berries, tomatoes and summer squash are all gone!

Canned Tomato Salsa – Simply Recipes always creates things that I can totally make on a tough schedule.  And this salsa is one I so want to try.

Peach Butter – I am one of thousands who can’t wait to see what Smitten Kitchen brings every week, and this peach butter is one that I will do,  stove or no stove.

Cherry Pie Filling – I love cherries, LOVE them.  And I love the idea of homemade cherry pie filling since most store-bought stuff is full of sugar, corn syrup and yucky stuff.  This is one of several recipes that Simple Bites is doing as part of its Summer Preserving Series.

Home Canning – We all have a Ball preserve jar somewhere in our kitchen (I use mine for salad dressing), but the Ball Canning and Preserving company has a great resource site for canning 101 and how to instructions.

Pickled – I have been eyeing the idea of pickling things for a while now, and these two recipes just may be a jumping off point for me.  Lottie + Doff’s Zucchini Pickles and Food + Word’s Picked Garlic.

Famous Tomato Sauce – This tomato sauce from Marcella Hazan is very famous among foodies.  I tried it and enjoyed very much.  The simplicity is amazing, and it feels so nice eating something so basic and clean.  So grab some of those tomatoes at the store and enjoy the simplicity of the best food in its best season.

Happy preserving summer!

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Julia Montgomery Stewart

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