Summer Journal: The Amazing South Walton

South Walton – Florida Panhandle Bliss

I love traveling, and I love traveling with my family.  But, what I love the most is traveling to the beach with my family.  The sun, the water, the ambiance, the air ………… sorry.  I drifted off into bliss there for a moment.  I’m back.

Now where were we?  OK.  Family trip to the beach. Over the years Mr. Man and I have visited many beaches throughout the U.S.  And none, NONE, match South Walton on Florida’s northwest gulf coast (on the the stretch of westward reaching land we have here called the Panhandle).

We first visited South Walton when we were just married seven years ago.  Mr. Man had been there many times when he lived in Tallahassee.  But he had never taken me. When he finally did I was like “WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SIX YEARS TO BRING ME HERE????” Just one drive down 30A, the quaint highway that takes you thought most of South Walton, and I was in love.  Deep, lasting and joyful love.  I mean where, in just a few miles, can you see this:

And this ….

And this …

And, wow, this … along every single inch of the way …

Essentially South Walton stretches along highways 98 and 30A in Florida’s panhandle between Panama City Beach and Destin.  There are 15 amazing neighborhood beaches along the way, and you are destined to find one that speaks to your soul.

For example, when we first married we stayed in Seacrest Beach — there were more one-bedroom options for rent there at the time within a newlywed budget — and the last two times we visited we stayed in Seagrove Beach (about right in the middle of the South Walton beaches and the perfect base to operate from for the week).  But, there is a beach neighborhood for everyone there.

If you like a more European beach, you can rent in Rosemary Beach.

Or Alys Beach

If you are more prone to like tons of activity on your vacation, you can stay in Seaside or Watercolor. (And if you recognize Seaside just think back to a certain famous movie featuring Jim Carrey – it was shot there).

If you want a more old-Florida, fishing community feel, you have Grayton Beach.

Along with several other beach neighborhoods.

Before summer ends next week, we will be sharing some of our finds and stories from our family vacation in South Walton this summer.  So stick around and we’ll be back with more.

In the meantime enjoy the view!

Disclosure: Yep, our family trip. Nothing comped, bought or given to us during this trip.  We just love the place.

Julia Montgomery Stewart

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