Pretty Awesome Weekends: Healthy Cooking

I don’t know what it is, but going back to school time feels like a fresh start to me.  So, after a great summer with my family with tons of adventure, I am ready to refocus on my health goals and mission to finish loosing the weight that keeps hanging around.

So, as part of this, over the past week I have spent a bunch of time trying to find new recipes to add to my cooking repertoire … not just recipes that look and taste good, but those that make me feel good also.  With my new search fresh in my brain, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite web resources with you this week for healthy cooking.

Hope these give you some inspiration to extend your Pretty Awesome Weekends into some Pretty Awesome Weeks.

  • Healthy on a Budget – Cheap, Healthy, Good is great blog mixing real life tips and thoughts with good, healthy and, well, cheap recipes.  A girl on a budget can’t help but love that.
  • Wicked Good – I had the opportunity to hear Dawn Viola of Wicked Good Dinner speak at the Florida Food Blog Forum I was part of earlier this year.  Since then, I have followed her blog and LOVE her healthy, real ingredient cooking.  This is real food, real clean and real good.
  • Clean Eating – I spotted Clean Eating on the news stand a few months back and love it.  The Web site has just as many great recipes as the magazine, so check it out and keep an eye for the magazine at the store.
  • Counting – Calorie King is a great site when you are trying to figure out how your food stacks up health-wise.  It is a real eye-opener when you start realizing you are eating three times the sugar you should in a day (um, like me).  Even if you are not trying to loose weight, I recommend tracking and counting what you are eating just for one week.  You will be amazed and find yourself making better choices.  Promise.
  • Skinny Chef – Who knew? You can love food AND be skinny.  Jennifer Iserloh or shows you how.
  • Bitt By A Man – I am not from NYC, have not spent much time in NYC and had no idea who Mark Bittman was until I saw him in the amazing “Spain: On the Road Again” TV series on PBS.  And since then I have loved reading what Mark Bittman of the New York Times has to say and has to cook.  Check out his blog and recipes here.

Any great healthy and smart eating sites you can recommend?  Please share.  I am always looking for more.

Make it a Pretty Awesome weekend.

Love ya,



Julia Montgomery Stewart

Nicknamed “Julia Child” at a young age, our own Julia is most at home in the kitchen. Lately, she has combined her culinary talents with a new hobby—fitness and healthy living. As a result, her recipes reflect an intriguing balance between eating well without sacrificing flavor. Outside the home, Julia is a consummate event planner, and spent the first ten years of her career as a publicist before expanding her portfolio of talents with the launch of Live Pretty in 2010. Balancing the busy demands of career and family, Julia lives with her husband and daughter in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her work in marketing, she serves a number of community organizations and initiatives in Central Florida.

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