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Summer Journal: Great Eats over the fire.

Our summer travel journal wouldn't be complete without a shout out to the folks who man the main event at the Balaban family reunion - Lamb and Chicken slowly cooked via open flame. Months of planning result not...

Summer Journal: The Amazing South Walton

Ahhhh .... our favorite beach.

Croatian Family Reunion 2011: Keeping Our Family Together

What makes people get in their cars drive for hours or days, or climb on airplanes to travel across the country to come together in one place at one time? Family Reunions.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Finding Motivation

Finding, and sharing, motivation tips. What's your inspiration?

Operation 25.5 – The Weight Loss Wall

My struggles along the weight loss journey - this time: the mental wall.

Live Pretty Sundays

Sunday Mornings Recipe – Kids in the Kitchen

My time with the girls is scarce. So, I want to make the most of every minute we have together - have fun and learn at the same time. It's our Sunday mornings.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Healthy Cooking

Our favorite healthy cooking links.

Summer Salad: Pork & Spinach with Herby Goodness

An awesome summer salad - nice juicy pork over great greens with some roasted sweet potatoes and corn, topped off with garlicy-herby goodness.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Summer Travel Edition

Our recommendations the best summer travel advice the web has to offer. Check out Live Pretty's Summer Travel resources.

WorkSmart Wednesdays: Summer Break

In the midst of a busy summer. Enjoying the time with family, reflecting. Gearing up for an inspiring fall full of working smart.

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