Road Trip Check In: Roller Coaster Ride to the Grocery Store

Fun things that make the road trip journey as fun and interesting as the destination.

We live in Florida. It’s for the most part pretty flat terrain. We go to the grocery store often. It is a relatively uneventful, almost daily journey. Not this summer though. We are on a road trip, stopping along the way, 1000 miles from home in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s an understatement to say our trips to the grocery store here are a bit different.

First of all it is about 15 miles to our closest purveyor of organic milk, Cheerios and Starbucks coffee, all items that this house hold simply cannot go without, especially the coffee part. So we are getting pretty skilled at making a complete list and going “to town” as infrequently as possible.

It is also 30 minutes away and a very “up and down, round and round, hold your hands up like on a roller coaster” ride. Needless to say things are very different here. We recently tried the “back way” to the store, as recommended by our hosts. WOW! Was that a ride.

The back way consisted of tiny, 1 1/2-lane-wide, country roads. More curves, winds and twists than our stomachs could handle with dozens of ups and downs so steep you couldn’t see the road before you, only sky.

Was it worth it? Well yes. It was amazing. We encountered rows and rows of farm land. Experienced views and vistas that we didn’t know even existed, and found a tiny town that even the owners of the home we are staying in didn’t know was there.

The road less traveled was worth the ride. In fact, it made the adventure that much better.

Elizabeth Montgomery James

After living in California for several years, Beth and her husband, Rod, relocated to Florida, to live, work, and play. They have two adorable daughters, and Beth is very involved with her children’s schools as a parent volunteer, Daisy troupe, and other community organizations such as the Junior League. Beth enjoys crafts, yoga and fitness, as well as a nice glass of Chardonnay. Beth is a graphic designer who has worked on national and international ad campaigns for top consumer brands, and now brings her talents to a variety of projects in and around Central Florida. In addition for bringing classic elegance to everything she touches, Beth has a natural talent for making everything pretty, from kids’ birthday parties to her garden.

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