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Road Trip Check In: A Family Day on the Farm

This past week we got reconnect with one of my father's oldest friends from his childhood who happened to own an amazing and honest-to-goodness working farm and we got to take a family farm tour.

Road Trip Check In: Roller Coaster Ride to the Grocery Store

Big road trip this summer. Here's a little update on our summer adventure.

Road Trip Check In: 997 Miles and Counting

So we made it 997 miles, two kids, one dog and 3 adults, all in one piece. The car bins were essential, the snacks were key, and the in car DVD vital. A few thoughts and things...

What I Love About My Thirties: A List

Taking stock of my thirties. It's a pretty good time. And, here's what I love about this time of my life.

Edible Summer – Quick Fix BBQ Shrimp

As part of the Edible Summer series, I'm thinking about shrimp. And the grill. Here's a quick fix for bbq shrimp lovers (grill optional).

Eating on the Go for Weight Loss

Weight Loss On The Go So Operation 25.5 is going OK … I have lost about 22 lbs total, but, recently, I lost a bit of my energy again due to allergy issues.  I am trying to...

Blackberry Crisp: Tips for Leftover Fruit

Left over blackberries don't go bad at Live Pretty. Rather, they become the target of a determined mom wanting to minimize waste - introducing blackberry crisp.

Pretty Awesome Weekends: Best Web Links of the Week

Best Web Links of the week ranging from the importance of jury duty to enjoying a lemon curd martini.

Road Trip Tips: Prepping for a long haul with kids in the car

Traveling with kids takes a plan. Well, by now we are pros. We've planned and planned, and some good things happen as a result. Take a look.

Worksmart. Enjoy.

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