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Fajita-Spiced Chicken & Slaw Tacos

Flavorful Weightloss Favorite - Great eats without sacrifice!

Bridal Shower Week Custom Invitation Giveaway & A Look Back

We've been celebrating Bridal Showers all week long, now it's time to look back while reminding you about our custom invitation giveaway!

Pretty Awesome Bridal Sites

It can be overwhelming - the online bridal resources. Here's the Live Pretty team picks of some of the best.

Dad Time

Bridal Shower – What’s a Dad to do?

I'm the Dad. A weekend with the girls while mommy was at the bridal shower. Pretty good stuff. Here's how I handled it.

The Wedding Cake – Have Some Fun Choosing.

One major topic of discussion for all weddings is the cake. Well, check out our Bride's unique approach, with Live Pretty flair, as she chooses the wedding cake.

Bridesmaid’s Punch

Of the drinks offered at the the bridal shower I hosted (cucumber water, sparkling water, iced tea, wine and coffee), this Bridesmaid’s Punch was by far the most popular drink.

The Secrets of Scones

Secrets to a perfect bridal shower scone. Every afternoon Bridal Shower needs scones and cream.  I promise, it is required eating at a shower. But so many scones are, well, just bad.  They either are hard, have...

Shower Menu Planning 101

Don't let the menu planning take over your party. Our Live Pretty Bride-to-be celebrated with a well-planned, well-executed menu for her bridal shower.

Food Display: The Fruit Cascade

In addition to the event itself, our food displays have always been a topic of conversation. Here's how we do it.

Bridal Shower Baked Brie – Sweet & Savory Heaven

Indulgent baked brie says it all. Mouthwatering 'food-events' at this Bridal Shower.